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Your new Chiropractic Clinic in Australia

Atlas Chiropractic System would like to announce the new Australian launch and we are signing up new practice members for our “membership foundation”.  It is a very special fraternity that will give special privileges to new Atlas Australian clients.  With the foundation membership we are offering conversions from many systems to the Atlas system along with a great financial incentive for both Atlas and Chirovmail, our signature growth optimization tool.  Many have already taken advantage of this fantastic new program and with a software management system that is both designed to make your office smooth, efficient and with many time saving features it’s a sure win.  Atlas is the latest era in software with features to take notes while tracking practice members and educating them using a program of care in your centre of health.  We are excited to see a big presence in Australia, and a thank you to all those who are already on board with our “membership foundation”. For Chiropractic Software visit Atlas Chiropractic System

Video Marketing for your Chiropractor’s Clinic

Your Chiropractic Clinic and Video Email Marketing Welcome to the technology corner for this month. In a recent issue we addressed the significance of email and especially video email marketing. In this article we want to expand on that thought and give you advice on how to set up your master email lead list. We all receive monthly or weekly email advertisements from popular retailers marketing product specials ranging from computers to furniture and even airline flights. These are companies that spend millions in print media and TV advertising. Now these companies have become experts in email advertising. If we simply observe what these organizations are doing and why they are doing it we can set up a “chiropractic recipe for success” in email marketing and lead generation. Simply stated, email is the most affordable form of advertising today. Organizations are now shifting marketing campaign money and expending energy developing their prospecting email lists. Have you ever noticed that some retailers will ask for your postal code and email address whenever you purchase something? Especially when you make an online order, an email address is necessary. Warm leads are used by these organizations to generate a big email database. These are clients that are already using their products or services or have enquired about their products. Email lists are bought by some businesses but they would be thought of as cold leads. Why would you want to buy a list and market health products or services to someone that isn’t and may never be health conscious? There are rules and regulations related to buying an emailing lists. Do your homework before you spend your hard earned cash on cold leads. As chiropractors, we have so many possibillities to collect warm leads to create an email wave in your community. Only a bunch of chiropractors are doing it so be the first in your community to master the internet via email. Let me tell you about some of these gems that so few chiropractors are tapping into. In order to build a chiropractic community awareness and promote their practice, a good number of chiropractors do outside talks or outreach events. You should be collecting important email addresses at all of these events. For example, if you do a screening, the potential new client is interested enough in your service to stop and participate in the screening. Many times we are disappointed that they didn’t accept your offer for a discounted examination. What you do with that name will make all the difference in the world. Most chiropractors at best will send them a letter or a newsletter. If they weren’t interested then what makes you think they’re going to respond to a letter in the next two weeks? In order to keep that lead viable you need to stay in constant contact with them every single month until they do one of two things; sign up or ask you to stop sending them information. The key is sending them related information that is communicated with cutting edge technology sent right to their home. We live in a world that is spending most of their leisure time watching TV, movies and surfing the internet and email. If you don’t have a sizable advertising budget you need to communicate with them via email. A good video email campaign will not only keep you in front of your warm leads it will help you convert them into new patients. If you’re interested in a product but not ready to purchase it could take months before you decide to make that decision and buy that item. The same concept applies to healthcare especially if they are in tune with crisis care. Potential patients might understand the whole concept of wellness as of yet, and until they have a crisis they might not be ready to use your chiropractic services. What happens if you lose contact with that warm lead and they have a health issue and decide to try chiropractic eight month or a year down the road? They might come to see you but your chances increase exponentially if you have been in contact with them over the previous months. Collecting emails at exhibitions, corporate talks and outside events is a fantastic way to build your database of warm leads, but what if your practice style is driven mostly by internal marketing? Let them know you’re opening a new patient education initiative that involves email and they are going to be sent top class cutting edge videos on the chiropractic lifestyle that arrive in their inbox. If you communicate the importance of helping you forward these emails to friends and family you create a viral component to your email which is another topic in itself. Asking your patients for emails is another great way to get hundreds of emails. Start a huge buzz over a draw you’re going to have. The more email names they provide the more times their name is entered into the draw to win a brilliant prize. Imagine how many emails you’re going to collect by simply having a draw in your office. You can take it one step further and have your patients email their friends information introducing your new video email system. What a way to reach out into your community to spread the word about the chiropractic lifestyle and what an even better way to convert those leads to new patients.     For Chiropractic Software visit Atlas Chiropractic System

Regarding Chiropractic Paperless System for Chiropractic Assistants

Dr. Stephane Laverdiere, Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Stephane Laverdiere, Chiropractor graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic, which marked his surge of enthusiasm to help his fellow chiropractors. Starting a private chiropractic clinic in the wake of completing university studies was an entertaining and pleasurable time for him. he saw his chiropractic clinic continue to cultivate and as is often with all business this new development grew new challenges where he found it increasingly challenging to be resourceful. Over time this ineffectiveness lead to a reduction in his purpose and energy levels. They had reached the end of their rope when he made the decision he was ready to change and he sourced a chiropractic practice management assembly. Following his attendance at this particular meeting he identified that he had spent his adult life studying to finally be a Chiropractor and less than a month studying chiropractic office management. These drawback in efficiency, time management and office procedures were preventing his office from reaching the next level, which he was very poised that he should have been able to triumph. He started asking one of the most prominent questions a Chiropractor should ask: I should know my present chiropractic office management system is meeting our chiropractic office wishes and goals? He used up the the year after studying his chiropractic notes software and systems and answered some key questions: Do I have a built-in system to stop my assistants from losing track of patients? Does my current procedure make recalls and collections easy and fool proof? Is our chiropractic notes software equipped with the essential tools to help my chiropractic assistants work ably? Are my practice members being educated about chiropractic every workshop, or are there gaps in my chiropractic office software? Is my time being used ably and which tools would benefit amplify my time? After replying to these questions for himself he realized that he needed a new result. He worked end to end with numerous experts in the capacity of computer programming and chiropractic office management system design for five years developing the Atlas Chiropractic System. Not only is Atlas Chiropractic System an elite software program that each Chiropractor can use but it’s the most broad chiropractic software package on hand and is built to persist changing as the requirements of the Chiropractor advances development. Atlas Chiropractic System is novel in supplying new products like Chiropractic Videos allowing you to send 35 Chiropractic Video Email to your clients. As of today Atlas Chiropractic System is used in 12 countries and it is one of the fastest growing chiropractic notes software available as of today: Atlas Chiropractic System helped him to his office and reach his chiropractic practice target and has made chiropractic clinic easy and fun again. Now Dr. Stephane Laverdiere, Chiropractor is committed to directing other Chiropractors mainstream their offices and influence more chiropractic clients each and every time. We welcome all of

About Albuquerque Chiropractic Physicians

Each month Albuquerque Chiropractic reviews the top Chiropractic practices in Albuquerque, New Mexico and chooses the office, which shows for delivering the best quality of service as our Featured Chiropractic Practice. This month is awarded to Dr. Allen Miner. Health Quest Chiropractic stands out for their dedication to education and the top standards of care for wellness and corrective care. Allen Miner, DC, is a mission driven practitioner that has made a pricipled chiropractic center. Allen Miner, Chiropractic Physician is promoted in his mission by a wonderful husband and wife team of Chiropractor’s, Doctor Ryan Wolff and Doctor Niki Wolff and a stunning Family of Chiropractic Advocates. Chiropractic Education with a Difference Health Quest Chiropractic unites a new definition to teaching. All of us can remember the one professor we had going through school that stimulated us and made aquiring new information a fantastic time. At Health Quest Chiropractic they make aquiring new information about your spine and how it heals not only enjoyable but a warm and appreciated experience. Dr. Miner’s Weekly Wellness Wisdom provides inspirational messages for regenerating every Tuesday in your webmail and he has been speaking to the New Mexico populous about wellness and health over the radio waves for the last two years. His new radio show is on the best Arbitron ranked radio station in New Mexico, AM 770 KKOB, and is called “An Ounce Of Prevention.” An Ounce Of Prevention focuses on accomplishing pinicle levels of healing and optimal health naturally. The chat show airs alternating Saturdays at 12 mid day MST. Health Quest Chiropractic further exemplifies their loyalty to advancement and education through their Chiropractic Websites, Chiropractic Paperless Software and Chiropractic Educational Videos. Heath Quest Chiropractic is very conveniently located and gives useful driving direction’s. Surf Google Map – Health Quest Chiropractic webpage and you can look at what other readers are saying about Health Quest Chiropractic and Allen Miner, Doctor of Chiropractic or you can surf the Healing Breakthrough’s on their site and hear first hand what the practice members at Health Quest Chiropractic have to say about their experience.  

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